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Aegis's Mission

Activate Your Shield


Our Story

At Aegis, our name embodies our purpose: to shield and fortify individuals from harm's way. Derived from Greek mythology, Aegis signifies the protective shield of Zeus and Athena, symbolizing authority and power to protect.  Aegis was founded with a collective commitment for the safety and confidence of everyone. We offer a curated selection of self-defense products (such as pepper sprays, alarms, and tasers) and personalized tookits. Our company is dedicated to equipping you with the tools and knowledge necessary to defend yourself, ensuring peace of mind and a safer society. 

Meet The Team


Nitya Peumans

Chief Executive Officer

IMG_5857 (1).jpg

Rachel Kim

Chief Operating Officer


Xinyue Wang

Chief Technology Officer


Mason Fondo

Chief Sales Officer


Samhitha Varanasi

Director of Finance


Frank An

Director of Marketing

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